Community Good Friday service creates unity in the way of the cross

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Community Good Friday service creates unity in the way of the cross

The service will conclude at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, 110 N. Madison, where the Rev. Jarrett Banks of Central Christian Church will deliver a Good Friday sermon. Masses celebrated in churches across mainly Catholic Philippines to commemorate Palm Sunday - which marks the end of Lent and the beginning of Holy Week ahead of Easter.

In Lubbock, about 200 people gathered Friday to walk a half mile west on Erskine Street from Boston Avenue to Our Lady of Grace at the corner of Erskine and Gary Avenue, watching as a young man portraying Jesus was "beaten" along the way.

"Sometimes people need more than a church service to participate", Harris said.

Jesus Christ bears the cross during a Stations of the Cross procession Friday followed by more than 150 parishioners. "Every year, we try to attend so we remember what he did for us, and to help us through another year", Frias said.

"We are physically walking with Jesus and it takes effort from all of us", Malloy said. Photo by Jeffrey Saulton Cierra Layman reads the ninth station when the procession moves to Logan Memorial United Methodist Church on Ann Street.

Bradford's version of the Way of the Cross, also known as "Via Crucis", is called "WalkThru: Reflections of Calvary, an interactive journey through the last moments of Jesus Christ".

"It makes you think more about it when you carry a cross and think about what He went through", said Rupp. Processional hymns will be sung in English and Spanish.

"I've never done this before and I wanted to do this because I love Jesus", she said.

The ritual - meant to symbolize the movement of Jesus's body from the site of the crucifixion to his tomb - served as the conclusion to St. Patrick's Good Friday Stations of the Cross observance.

Nathan Pletcher, 14, of Champion, who plays Jesus for the first time this year, will put his hands through the ropes on the crossbeam and hold onto the nails. "When He was crucified, He said that He was going to be king and they didn't believe Him".

"God's word tells us that we're supposed to be like a city on the hill". They heard about them while visiting St. Gabriel's one day."We were looking for ways to worship on the weekend", John said.

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